Our work in a nutshell.

Professionalism for your peace of mind.

It is our responsibility to make a creative event design an affordable reality. We will make this happen within your planned budget, at the agreed upon time, and without any unpleasant surprises.

Our goal: to create an event that is a complete success, by providing maximum relief to our clients while providing them with the highest quality of service. How is this achieved? Simple: by means of our substantial expertise, and our capacity for specialised planning and implementation that is both objective and effective.

As a production company we offer a comprehensive service package which includes the management of every element related to the logistical and technical planning and implementation of your event. Potential synergies are always maximised, the duplication of tasks is avoided, staff and equipment are used wisely and all responsibilities are clearly defined.

You are also free to choose only certain aspects of our modular services. The advantage: even in partially managed projects we always keep the big picture in mind. Our standard of quality and our emphasis on taking the weight off your shoulders remain unchanged. In addition, we are there for you as independent, objective consultants and experts. Since we are tied neither to any specific providers nor to any fixed inventory of technical equipment, we are in an ideal position to offer independent advice, and we always remain in complete control of the situation.